Rain: Compliance Systems for Cryptocurrency Trading

Rain Financial

Based in Bahrain, Rain Financial is the first licensed startup to offer cryptocurrency trading in the Middle East. In the age of digital currencies, there has been a strong need for compliance departments within such financial institutions. Compliance departments fight money laundering activities among other illegal behavior of users.

A compliance department is as strong as the software being used by the operations team. This software ensures that all transactions on the platform comply with the Central Bank regulations, starting from the user onboarding process all the way to detecting anomalies in user behaviors.

At xWare, our software engineers are proudly contributing to this mission by writing backend services to support the compliance operations team at Rain. Our team writes highly-performant code that complete critical tasks in a timely manner. Security and code maintainability are amongst the core values of this team.

We look forward to continue supporting Rain’s mission in the Middle East, and employ our compliance experience (from a software engineering perspective) towards similar missions in the region.

LLC: Automated Oil Stock Management Solution

Logistic Lubricant Company

Based in Egypt, Logistic Lubricant Company (LLC) is certified warehouse for automobile world-grade Oil. LLC manages a large number of warehouses that are distributed across multiple regions and cities in Egypt. Managing the supply in Egypt’s growing economy has been a challenge for LLC and that’s where our team is engaged.

Problem: managing the warehouse is a labor intensive process with a number of decisions that managers have to take on a daily basis. The goal is to optimize the warehouse storage and make the truck loading/unloading process as seamless as possible.

Our Solution: we have automated the whole process of stocking merchandise and removed the time overhead of truck loading and unloading. Every truck drivers gets a QR code at the check-in kiosk which allows them to load/unload merchandise. The whole process of has become at least 2x faster increasing the operation capacity by at least double.

Taking our solution a step further, we have streamlines the processes of selecting aisles and racks to stock the merchandise on in a way that allows for optimizing storage and taking into account the expiry date of items. This has removed the calculation overhead (using papers) from stock managers and is also a step further towards a full autonomous warehouse.

Our solution is deployed on the cloud with high availability (99.9%) and is fully operational serving the day-to-day activities of the different warehouses. We, at xWare, are looking forward to continue supporting the LLC’s systems an improving the operation efficiency on the long term.

Maestro IoT: Connected Smart Metering Systems

Maestro IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is referring to everything connected to the internet – your refrigerator, watch, shoes, coffee machine, and everything in your home. It also refers to machines talking to each other. There has been 8 billion IoT devices connected to the internet in 2019 and the number is growing to a whopping 41 billion by 2027 [ref].

Maestro IoT is a solution that collects data from remote sensors installed in food warehouse systems. Sensors measure temperature amongst other critical food-safety measures. Our team at xWare has been engaged in building highly-available backend services for the large number of connected devices. The solution integrates a dashboard with data from the sensors in near real-time. In addition, the dashboard has controls to send commands to the remote IoT devices making users an active player of the remote environments.

Our team at xWare is happily developing technologies that support the IoT industry and we are willing to contribute to the many exciting ideas in the market.

White Pyramids: Private Guided Journeys in Egypt

White Pyramids by Menatours

As a major travel agency in the Middle Easy, Menatours has been innovating its offering to support the tourism industry in Egypt. Their newest offering is private journeys through Egypt, which attracts thousands of tourists to immerse themselves in the history and heritage of the cradle of civilization.

Our team has developed an end-to-end solution for the online presence of the offering, called White Pyramids, along with all the operations activities supporting it (booking management, online payment, coupons, trip and group management and digital marketing integration).

We are proud to be an active player in the tourism industry and unleashing the unlimited potential of technology for better travel experiences.

Big Red Bullet: Online Bus Booking Service

Big Red Bullet

Based in North America, Big Red Bullet has been offering a direct bus route between New York City and Ithaca. Big Red Bullet has been the only direct route between NYC and Ithaca. The complete operation of the service is online and boarding passes are digital.

At xWare, we have reimagined the booking system for Big Red Bullet to introduce new features for booking, seat maps, faster payment integrations, and loyalty program management. Our ticketing system is highly reliable (avoiding double-booking and seat selection conflicts).

In a world of complete digital services, we have reimagined the UX of Big Red Bullet to meet the expectations of its users.

xWARE Health: Electronic Medical Record System for Low Resource Settings

Palestine Hospital in Cairo & Assiut University Hospital

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) has become a must to improve the healthcare systems in the growing economies. However, designing a reliable system for low resource settings (infrastructure and technology familiarity) is a challenging task.

Our team has developed a custom built EMR for Assiut University Hospital (Internal Medicine Department) that is as intuitive as Google interface — single search box to get to a patient record. The system has been found easy-to-use by doctors and staff members who are not familiar with EMRs. It also operates under very low computing power provided.

Our software engineers have been mainly invested in making the system as accessible as possible (UX and network outages) with the required scalability guarantees. We are continuing to develop the system on its own and offering it to other interested parties.

In addition, we have developed a front-facing patient gateway for the Palestine Hospital in Cairo. It’s been a major resourceful gateway for patients connecting them to the hospital staff and doctors.

IPMagiX: Team Building for Hospitality Solutions


Headquartered in Cairo with offices in Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, IPMagiX has been a major enterprise solutions provider. It offers solutions for the hospitality sector in addition to many other verticals such as mobility, retail and aviation.

Our software engineers at xWare have been contributing extensively to the cloud transformation for IPMagiX enterprise software suite. Capitalizing on Azure platform, we have been writing scalable backend services that allows for highly efficient end-user experiences.

We continue to support the vision of IPMagiX and are happy to dedicate our high caliber engineers to work on their products.

Huawei: Telecommunication Team in Egypt


Huawei has been expanding in Egypt in the telecommunication sector. To support a massive expansion, a large number of well-trained software engineers are needed for the mission. That’s where an xWare team of over 15 engineers have been dedicated to Huawei’s infrastructure.

Our engineers are highly skilled with deep knowledge of the telecommunication networks and how its firmware is developed. xWare team at Huawei has contributed to many of the essential products for the infrastructure setup in multiple regions of Egypt.

ITS: Outsourcing for The Banking Sector in Egypt

International Turnkey Systems

International Turnkey Systems (ITS) is a major vendor of Islamic banking solutions. Operating internationally, ITS has been expanding its services and teams from day one. To support its mission, we have outsourced our software engineers with banking background.

Our team has been well-trained on security guarantees of the banking systems and how transactions work. They develop highly-available solutions deployed at major Islamic financial institutions. We continue to support the financial sector in Egypt to achieve economic prosperity.