API Development & Integration

Web APIs are the dominant communication method between machines. They not only define how the browser can access a resource on your application, but also formulate a precise machine-to-machine collaborations. Building APIs with the right logic and functionality fully compliant with a design specification can be challenging. Protocols, error handling, and code modularity are just some of the questions your teams need to address before building a great API. The efficiency of your application builds on top of the efficiency of the backbone APIs. Whether you are planning to use REST or RPC, our team will help you develop APIs that follow the standards. We save you time and money by letting you focus on your core business logic while our team mocks the API dependencies. We will also secure the API with access keys when you decide to allow third-party integrations. We ship APIs with easy-to-use documentations that help your API consumers get their 2xx response quickly.

Microservices Development & Deployment

The continuously-changing user behaviors on the web requires your team to ship features faster and maintain codebases for longer in an ever-growing ecosystem. That’s why the industry has shifted towards the Microservices architecture. Starting from ditching the monolith all the way to production deployment, our team got you covered. We deploy your API gateway, define an inter-process communication scheme, enable service discovery and manage the increasing challenge of data partitioning. We will go the extra mile and ship our microservices with their continuous deployment strategy on an auto-scalable platform. Let’s break that monolith!

Cloud Infrastructure Management

Cloud is no magic. It’s someone else’s computer! But it gives your business a tremendous opportunity to reach your audience and offer them seamless experiences. It’s not only about the scalability promise, but it’s also about shipping features faster, and in a reliable way. But the reality is, it’s challenging to manage and secure your cloud infrastructure – no matter how many tutorials your developers have followed. Our team brings years of experience in managing private, public and hybrid cloud environments. We are specialized in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and Digital Ocean. Free your business from the old Godaddy servers!

CI/CD Pipelines

If the word “release” means something to you, your team must have that first-pumping sense of accomplishment. We love it when features are finally out to customers! But the reality is many organizations take a huge effort and time to ship a release. If your team is still executing manual testing to prepare for releases and semi-scripted deploys to deploy them, you won’t be able to compete with teams who ride the continuity paradigm. We help you ship code faster and with confidence. We choose the best fit tool for you from GitLab CI/CD, GitHub Actions, Jenkins, CircleCI and Travis CI. Let us ship that shy feature out there!

Analytics Dashboards

You cannot improve what you cannot measure. That’s why collecting and analyzing data have become extremely important to survive in a time when data is more expensive than oil. Our team builds data analytics pipeline that squeeze every bit of your data to find valuable information that your business can capitalize on. We present findings in real-time dashboards that gives you the power to take blazingly fast decisions. But that’s not all. With enough data, we will offer future projections for you along with a deeper look at your customer’s behavior. We don’t use buzz-words like AI and ML, because our methods are purely scientific and based on solid mathematics and statistics. Your data is precious and our role is to extract information that builds up your knowledge.

Identity Management Solutions

Confession: Identity and Access Management is hard to explain, hard to enforce, hard to budget and hard to ignore. We continue to see so many high-profile breaches allowed through legitimate user credentials. Identity is a constantly evolving process. The way we have built our software over the years has changed, from single Desktop applications to web and mobile applications that run on hybrid cloud environments and SaaS solutions. This causes different “notions of identity” that require continual monitoring. Our team appreciates what it takes to protect your infrastructure, your data and your customers. We secure your APIs, frontend services, mobile apps and databases. We will help you secure access for everyone, but not just anyone.

Single Page Applications

Single Page Applications (SPAs) are all about giving your users an outstanding experience by imitating a “natural” environment in the browser — no page reloads, no extra wait time; just like a Desktop applications. It is just one web page that you visit which then loads all other content. However, they are hard to get right. Issues ranging from slow load times because of the heavy frameworks to hard-to-implement Search Engine Optimization (SEO), to security issues with the ad-hoc use of JavaScript — all are serious issues. But your users deserve that exceptional UX. Our team helps you build SPAs that feel like Desktop applications but with enhanced security and web presence optimization.

Online Payment Integrations

The future present is digital. You want to provide your customers with competitive digital experiences, but finding payment gateways (especially in the Middle East) that are easy to integrate with is hard, isn’t it? We got your back. We have seamless integrations with Stripe, Payfort and Paytabs. We have integrated them in web and mobile applications before, and can do this for you. Our team can work closely with your team to define data models needed for bookkeeping in addition to interfacing with payment gateways. We make your Point of Sale (PoS) right in your customers’ fingertips.

Progressive Web Applications

Between the “capabilities” of native applications and the “reach” of web applications, Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) try to offer both benefits. PWAs present capable applications that run inside the browser and promise a reliable display independent of network outages. The best part? They are also installable on a standalone window instead of a browser tab, opening doors for new capabilities. Our team help you implement PWAs capabilities into your existing application. We increase your pages per session metric, drive more organic traffic and reduce the bounce rate.