Palestine Hospital in Cairo & Assiut University Hospital

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) has become a must to improve the healthcare systems in the growing economies. However, designing a reliable system for low resource settings (infrastructure and technology familiarity) is a challenging task.

Our team has developed a custom built EMR for Assiut University Hospital (Internal Medicine Department) that is as intuitive as Google interface — single search box to get to a patient record. The system has been found easy-to-use by doctors and staff members who are not familiar with EMRs. It also operates under very low computing power provided.

Our software engineers have been mainly invested in making the system as accessible as possible (UX and network outages) with the required scalability guarantees. We are continuing to develop the system on its own and offering it to other interested parties.

In addition, we have developed a front-facing patient gateway for the Palestine Hospital in Cairo. It’s been a major resourceful gateway for patients connecting them to the hospital staff and doctors.