Rain Financial

Based in Bahrain, Rain Financial is the first licensed startup to offer cryptocurrency trading in the Middle East. In the age of digital currencies, there has been a strong need for compliance departments within such financial institutions. Compliance departments fight money laundering activities among other illegal behavior of users.

A compliance department is as strong as the software being used by the operations team. This software ensures that all transactions on the platform comply with the Central Bank regulations, starting from the user onboarding process all the way to detecting anomalies in user behaviors.

At xWare, our software engineers are proudly contributing to this mission by writing backend services to support the compliance operations team at Rain. Our team writes highly-performant code that complete critical tasks in a timely manner. Security and code maintainability are amongst the core values of this team.

We look forward to continue supporting Rain’s mission in the Middle East, and employ our compliance experience (from a software engineering perspective) towards similar missions in the region.