Maestro IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is referring to everything connected to the internet – your refrigerator, watch, shoes, coffee machine, and everything in your home. It also refers to machines talking to each other. There has been 8 billion IoT devices connected to the internet in 2019 and the number is growing to a whopping 41 billion by 2027 [ref].

Maestro IoT is a solution that collects data from remote sensors installed in food warehouse systems. Sensors measure temperature amongst other critical food-safety measures. Our team at xWare has been engaged in building highly-available backend services for the large number of connected devices. The solution integrates a dashboard with data from the sensors in near real-time. In addition, the dashboard has controls to send commands to the remote IoT devices making users an active player of the remote environments.

Our team at xWare is happily developing technologies that support the IoT industry and we are willing to contribute to the many exciting ideas in the market.