Logistic Lubricant Company

Based in Egypt, Logistic Lubricant Company (LLC) is certified warehouse for automobile world-grade Oil. LLC manages a large number of warehouses that are distributed across multiple regions and cities in Egypt. Managing the supply in Egypt’s growing economy has been a challenge for LLC and that’s where our team is engaged.

Problem: managing the warehouse is a labor intensive process with a number of decisions that managers have to take on a daily basis. The goal is to optimize the warehouse storage and make the truck loading/unloading process as seamless as possible.

Our Solution: we have automated the whole process of stocking merchandise and removed the time overhead of truck loading and unloading. Every truck drivers gets a QR code at the check-in kiosk which allows them to load/unload merchandise. The whole process of has become at least 2x faster increasing the operation capacity by at least double.

Taking our solution a step further, we have streamlines the processes of selecting aisles and racks to stock the merchandise on in a way that allows for optimizing storage and taking into account the expiry date of items. This has removed the calculation overhead (using papers) from stock managers and is also a step further towards a full autonomous warehouse.

Our solution is deployed on the cloud with high availability (99.9%) and is fully operational serving the day-to-day activities of the different warehouses. We, at xWare, are looking forward to continue supporting the LLC’s systems an improving the operation efficiency on the long term.