About us

xWARE is a software house headquartered in Assiut, Egypt. Founded in 1998, we have seen how technology changed the way we live. We have been actively engaged in developing tech solutions for different organizations. Moreover, we have partnered with a number of entities to support their business activities with training, consultation, and outsourcing services.

xWARE is your solution provider and technology partner.


Make life simpler by empowering people to experience the unlimited potential of technology.

our team motto ..


Deliver human-centered technology solutions and services, crucial to achieving the world’s greatest missions.

we are getting there ..


  • 1998

    Internet Service Provider

    Before the introduction of home DSL in Egypt, we have been a major ISP in Upper Egypt where we deployed our own network infrastructure to connect organizations to the internet.

  • 2002

    IBM Training Center

    With the booming of web pages and the thrive for online existence, we have partnered with IBM as Authorized Training Center (ATC) to deliver specialized training to graduate the first generations of web developers. We also participated in MCIT scholarship programs and tech clubs (setup, training and administration).

  • 2008

    Outsourcing Services | Software Engineers

    Centrally located in Upper Egypt, we have been a hub for talented software engineers. We started to outsource software engineers to deliver telecommunication & banking projects.

  • 2014

    Software House

    Having built up sufficient expertise in software development, we have opened our own software house focusing on cloud-based applications and mobility. Our team employs cutting- edge technologies with a focus on open-source stack.

  • 2016

    Research & Development Projects

    Our first research project came out of the software house and was presented in an international conference in Cyprus. We are passionate about research that comes with software products.