Google (The Internet FBI)

Google is the monster behind the scene who is waiting for the right time to rule the world.

A few years ago, Google was just a search engine, that help you reach the right website with a simple query in Google search bar. Its story started, when it decided later to become big, big enough to be the real leader one day.

Google today isn’t only a search engine. Google today owns a number of services that you use for free. Lets rephrase it, Google doesn’t has free services, Google has services that use people for free. Every day Google builds something new for free, and you start using it, you become a product used by this service. They start collecting data about you so they can understand your behaviour, so more focused ads can be targeted to you. But, don’t be afraid, they made a promise not to disclose it. However I don’t believe them.

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Google has access to every place you visited, Google knows your language, your name, your connections, your family, your best meals, and for some people maybe everything. All that isn’t the problem, The problem appears when it start analyzing these data . We will talk how danger is that a little bit later in this article.

Google Twin.

Facebook the fastest growing social platform in the history. Today, Facebook has access not only to our photos, videos, friends and families, but also it has access to what runs inside our brains. Facebook has access to our daily life routine in a form of text posted by everyone. And one more time, this isn’t the problem. The problem exists when it starts analysing these data.

Think about these interactions one more time, and ask yourself “What facebook can do with such Information.”

What facebook knows about me.

A few weeks ago, I read an article about Data Selfie Chrome Extension. It’s a chrome extension that acts close enough to facebook’s algorithm in collecting your interactions on different posts. I thought them just kidding in the beginning. After some time, I found that they really know information that they shouldn’t have access to. They managed to do personality prediction. And the results were absolutely terrifying.

An image of the real data collected by Data Selfie Chrome Extension

That was through a small tool collecting data from my facebook interaction and analyzing data through Magic Sauce API and IBM Watson.

And here is what Data Selfie answered about personality analyzing API.

Facebook — Google Danger on the coming years politics

Google has access to your fingerprint, eyeprint ID, locations, contacts, emails, files, daily activity, habits and your browser’s data.

Facebook has access to your personality characteristics, emotions, feelings, friends and their messages, books you read, movies you watch, products you sell and your political and religious point of view about literally everything you have watched on your timeline.

With all of these information and with some analysis you will be no more than a toy, with all of your future movements can be easily predicted .

Tomorrow’s leaders will be from the generations which are being monitored by Google and Facebook. Google and Facebook will have access to every detail of their life. They can predict their political move based on their character. Facebook and Google will be able to predict who are they going to take as an ally and who are they faking.

Google and Facebook will also rule countries’ future as they will be ruling their leaders. They can blackmail governments and enforce them to take decision that matches Google and Facebook goals even if it was against countries interests, since they know everything about everyone in this government. They know their weaknesses and strengths.

So, Is this fair enough to consider them as the actual leaders of the near future. With your believe or not. They are the leaders of the near future. Just be ready.

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