Code quality is directly proportional to the number of reviews you get from other developers.

When a developer finishes solving a problem, he will be solving it from one perspective only. This makes a tester's job very important to discover hidden bugs. Without testers, this problem would have many unsolved issues. If you work on a serious project, your bugs may cost people’s life. So, testers are as important -if not more- as developers.

On the other side, there are other factors that are affecting code quality and efficiency. Code review enables you to get a higher level of efficiency and better code quality. Getting a review from a partner isn’t less important than tester’s role in revealing bugs.

I always remember my AHA moment.

When I read someone code for the first time who is solving the same problem of mine, I get the feeling of AHA moment! … like a sun shining inside my brain for the awesome solution that never came to my mind. I feel how ridiculous was my solution and I start refactoring my code based on the review that I made.

Code reviewers have Three Eyes

Code review process might not be preferred by those who want a working code not a clean code. However, to gain experience, one has to start reviewing other people’s code and let them review his code. We call it the Third Eye Process: the blind eye that works only when I finish and start reviewing my code. This third eye is the peer who reviews my code.

Code Review Process Complexity

The process of code reviewing is one of the cumbersome activities that make developers avoid it. Especially when you are a freelancer or in need for a review from a friend who is not a contributor on your project repository.

Based on a personal experience, even StackExchange wasn’t fulfilling my need. It’s still a Q&A platform and the tools are not smooth enough. Uploading snippets is also a kind of nightmare when you are in need to a review for a larger piece of code.

Upload → Share → Get a review

So we have built to review our code. We made the process simple for us to upload a number of files and get review instantly without the need to share a screen or the whole repository with others.

Give a try and share with us how was your experience

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